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CBD is the hot thing now, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon or The CBD Gold Rush.  And those selling and marketing it, understand the value of a great brand and having the exact brandable domain name of it. And for the CBD oil market, Joe Vargas of understands that and that is why he paid just over $500,000 for Ron Jackson of the domain name industry leading blog on domain name sales, talks with Joe about his purchase.  Read on:
DNJournalAre yours plans to operate as a completely different site from or will your original site re-brand?
Joe Vargas: (Buy Legal Meds) is a brand that's been around for 4 years. Millions of people know about it around the world as we ship worldwide. It's a great brand that people love and our CBD dispensaries are called Buy Legal Meds. We won't be shutting down that brand and will operate separately as a sister company. We manufacture all our products we sell in-house in our factory in Las Vegas. is a little aggressive as a name and the customers that it attracts are a lot of fun. I love running BLM.
DNJournalAside from owning the exact name of an entire rapidly growing industry, what will differentiate your site from the ever growing ranks of competitors?
Joe Vargas: will be a marketplace, a hub for great content and a place people can trust to buy highest quality all-natural medicine and learn about how cannabinoids can help their ailments. The Amazon of CBD with a lot of education. It's what I wanted to do with 4 years ago, but it never worked out that way. I can't say much more than that. I don't want to give away any trade secrets before we launch the site. Let's just say that will in fact be the authority website for the entire CBD Oil industry.
DNJournalGreat domains require a sizeable investment. What kind of immediate impact do you expect to see from when it is up and running and how long do you think it will take to recoup your investment?
Joe Vargas: The internet is a tricky place. Although we now own and the term "CBD oil" is searched half a million times a month on Google and only growing, it will take an excessive amount of work to get where we want. Unfortunately, SEO takes time, so finding other ways to market our site is needed until SEO kicks in and Google ranks you. Without a doubt and having faith in my teams abilities, we will recoup the money invested into buying the domain within the first 90 days of launching the site. The impact of authority of the site will take a bit more time than that. 
DNJournalAnything you would like to add before we go?

Joe Vargas
Helping people is therapy for me and my team. It's the main reason why I/we are in the CBD oil industry, so if people need help with CBD products or have general questions about CBD oil (hemp industry), please don't hesitate to reach out to us at There's a lot of gratification being able to help people with their ailments that not even their prescription meds can do.  
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