CBD Coffee by Flower Power

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CBD Coffee K Cups by Flower Power

Flower Power Coffee™ is the world’s first premium quality CBD coffee, combining the gourmet taste of hand-picked, artisan roasted coffee with the wellness benefits of 25 mg of CBD per K-Cup. 

A feel-good day starts with any one of our premium, artisan roasted coffees. Each Flower Power Coffee™ exquisite roast starts with carefully selected beans from the renowned coffee-growing regions of Central and Latin America. Then, we carefully add a full 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD to each pod in order to ensure that you enjoy all of its healthful benefits. The result is a rich, satisfying cup of coffee that fulfills its promises in every last drop. Our coffee isn’t magic. The way it makes you feel is.

-Flower Power’ Patent - Pending process guarantees a full 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD in every brewed cup
-Up to 46% more premium coffee* in every Flower Power K-Cup to produce a richer, more flavorful cup
-100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

-Each Box contains 10 K-Cups.


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